As the famous ballerina Jo Rowan likes to say, “There is a fish reason for everything. You have to have a porpoise.” Dreams give you purpose. Purpose leads you on your life path. And time flies when you are living with purpose in the direction of your dreams.

          From Edgewood, New Mexico, Lacy dreamt of one day becoming a Radio City Rockette. She sought out the best educational catalyst to suit such a dream and discovered the Dance and Arts Management program founded by John Bedford and Jo Rowan at Oklahoma City University. Lacy completed her Dance Management degree in May 2010.

          Travel and dance are Lacy’s current aspirations. After her performance career, Lacy would like to transition more fully into the fitness realm.

          As a life-long dancer and athlete, Lacy is always looking for ways to keep her body healthy and injury free. Practicing Pilates as a morning ritual has kept her strong through the rigors of rehearsals, training, and life. Wanting to share this rewarding experience with others, she received Pilates Certifications through the PhysicalMind Institute and Balanced Body University. She is very excited to be teaching wherever her dancing career takes her.

          Author Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss,” and Jo Rowan preaches, “Find out what your bliss is!” Thus far in life, Lacy’s bliss is communicating the joy of American dance to people from other parts of the world, trying to dance and conduct her life with grace, humor and athleticism, having integrity in her work, being on time and prepared, giving back, and taking care of her body and soul to be able to do her best.